Design and CAD Workstations

Design & CAD Workstations

A workstation is a computer designed for technical or scientific purposes which offer a much higher available specification and ISV certification (The system is certified to run specific applications such as Autocad ensuring seamless performance), so if you run and CAD (Computer Aided Design) application, whether it be engineering, embroidery design, architectural design or any other kind of systems which require a lot of power then a workstation is for you!

We can help you with finding the right system and specification for your CAD / Design systems and arre happy to speak directly to software designers directly to ensure everything goes smoothly.

We supply both Fujitsu and HP workstations and can supply “off the shelf” or completely custom specifications from both of these tried and tested brands and we can offer both desktop based workstations and mobile workstations (notebook / laptop based workstations)

Design and CAD Workstations

Fujitsu Celsius Workstations

Fujitsu´s CELSIUS workstations offer a sophisticated combination of leading-edge processor and graphics performance to increase application efficiency. These high-quality, modular products in multiple form factors are configurable for your organization’s precise needs. Thanks to comprehensive ISV certification, you’ll enjoy smooth and trouble-free operation of all your applications. Best-in-class noise emissions help maximize productivity by contributing to a quieter working environment.

HP (Hewlett Packard) Workstations

All HP Workstations can support a variety of operating systems. HP engineers work extensively with Windows® and Linux operating system providers to verify top performance, flexibility, reliability, and compatibility with HP Workstations. We conduct joint engineering collaboration with industry partners long before systems are introduced.