Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Business Solutions. Ambiguous isn’t it?

It is one of those phrases lots of people use which is never really defined in any way shape or form, and we nearly didn’t put it on the web site!

However, we do so much more for our clients than “just” I.T support we couldn’t think of anything else that would cover entire systems, ways of working or just helping the businesses in general.

You see, we are interested in the I.T, but we are more interested in your business and making sure things work properly, and suggesting improvements, changes, more productive ways of doing things and working with you to provide entire systems, and that’s what we try and do for all our clients.

We are happy to do the research, source, research, design, program, implement, configure, discuss and test pretty much anything related to I.T and computer systems and then present a “Business Solutions” to you with a list of benefits and drawbacks and of course costs.

Business Solutions

To get an idea of the sort of thing we have done in the past, here are a few requests we have had in the past;

Provide consultancy & technical support and equipment installation for remote wind farms, liasing between 4 large multinational companies and providing centralised project management for the windfarms communications.

Research and provide specifications for a company in the defence sector dealing at international government level for secure notebook systems, remote connectivity, disk encryption and end point security.

Plan, install, and support a remote access system for a national logistics company, liasing with 3rd party software providers and providing 24/7 support and ongoing consultancy as the business expands exponentially.

So you can see, we do all sorts of things under the “Business Solutions” banner and we don’t like to limit ourselves, so if you have a project that you need help with no matter how big or small, please give us a call!